This is your database to view and work on your voter universe. The filtering function allows you to segment your voters and put them together into Groups.

 To get started, select the People tab:

There are three individual parts of the People tab. These are:

  • Tab Navigation Bar 
  • Database
  • Filter Box
  1. Content and Management of People Database

This section contains all of the information that you have available within our database. We have the options to select whether we wish to view data based upon People, House, Street, or Groups; to Search our database; as well as to select any of the results present.

Individual information may be selected to review an entry in its entirety, or to be edited.

Some other functionality to be aware of is:

  1. The Quick Icons, provide options to to Quick Edit (people or houses), Quick Canvas, or Quick Map View an individual.

2. A new person can be added by selecting an existing house, followed by the Create Person protocol. While A new house can be created by selecting Create House.

  1. Search Function

You can use the (1) Search function (in tandem with the Filter function should you wish) to isolate a segment of People, Houses, Streets, or Groups, based on your (2) search term.

  1. Filter Function

The Filter Function works similarly to the search function, in that it allows you to segment your people database. Filtering is based on the information you have on your voters; for example, whether or not they have been canvassed or surveyed, survey results, age, gender etc.

Many filter options will have different lower tier options, which results can also be filtered on, if desired. In the below example, we have filtered only for voters who wish to see an increase in spending on education, and who vote in the Carlisle Road polling station:

  1. Groups

Groups are one of the most powerful tools at your disposal within Ecanvasser. Creating these provides many organisational advantages, for example, segmenting:

  • specific areas/houses/streets to be canvassed by specific team members
  • a group of voters based upon location
  • candidate supporters/volunteers
  • voters who wish for lawn signs

Once you have created a Group, either on the People page using filters, or on the Map page using the Create a Group button, you can now use that Group.

How do you use it?

Well you can:

  • Assign it to team members for canvassing
  • Send email blasts to that Group
  • View returning data just from that Group


  1. Custom Fields

Custom Fields are what allow you to really individualize your Ecanvasser experience to the exact needs of your campaign. They allow you add columns to your database so that you can search, manage, and group your constituents  to parameters not currently present in Ecanvasser. For example,  if you want to use Ecanvasser to

  • manage your polling day GOTV operation
  • include records of sub-electoral area electoral district
  • keep track of lawn sign locations

Here is how that can be achieved.

*It should be noted that if you wish to pre-populate any of your custom fields, this is required to be performed during the upload of your Voter File. Thereafter, the custom fields may of course be created but they will not be pre-populated with information.

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