Geocoding is the process whereby the addresses within your Voter File are assigned geographic coordinates, so that they may be displayed on your Map. On Ecanvasser, this process is completed via Google Maps.

Google Maps is quite adept at locating addresses, however, sometimes addresses or the address format can pose an issue. If there are houses that we have been unable to Geocode, you may alter these, and attempt to re-Geocode.

There are a number of processes by which you may do this. That said, as these methods are all  related it is advisable to read this entire article prior to beginning the process, to both save time, and ensure the integrity of your data.

En Masse

This method is advisable when multiple similar addresses require re-Geocoding.

If you wish to alter addresses in bulk, it is advisable to do so at the very beginning of your Ecanvasser engagement, to ensure the integrity of your Canvass, and Issues information. You will be doing so by deleting the entries from Ecanvasser, altering their addresses via Spreadsheet, and re-uploading as a new Voter File.

This method would be appropriate if, for example, you had 100 addresses, that simply varied in the numbers 1-100 of the houses on a Street. You may also wish to consider attempting to update a single entry (as outlined below) prior to beginning the Export process - this will allow you to to attempt to Geocode a single house, and work out what format will be successful.

As Geocoding is a manual process, before doing so, you may wish to confirm with us that your Geocoding has completed, and it is not simply the normal processing time after a Voter File upload that you are experiencing.

  1. Use the Filter function to filter for Location Type & No Location
  2. Select All
  3. Select Export
  4. In the Export Pop-Up, Select Export
  5. You can download your export file from the Documents tab


You will now need to alter the address in the Export File in such a manner that Google Maps will be able to Geocode it. You can review tips on how to do this at the bottom of this article.

If your Voter File has Voter IDs attached with every selected entry, you may simply Upload the new Voter File. If, however, they do not contain Voter IDs then you will need to delete the entries from your Database (having exported), prior to upload to prevent duplicate entries.

It should be noted that only information present in the Export Pop-Up will export - as such you will lose related information such as Issues, Surveys, etc. This is the primary reason is advisable to do so early in your Ecanvasser engagement.


This method is advisable when the address(s) requiring re-Geocoding are largely singular, and quite distinct. 

This can be done at any time, though for the sake of ensuring Groups cut from the Map are accurate, it may be best to also consider doing so at the beginning of your Ecanvasser engagement.

  1. Navigate to the Houses tab of the People page
  2. Select Edit House to open the House Pop-Up on the House your wish to Geocode
  3. From here:

a. Manually position the Houses new location on the map


b. Change location by altering the address fields (location will update when you click into another field)

4. Select Confirm new location

5. Select Save



In most of the world, Geocoding should work without issue in 99% of cases. Occasionally, however, some jurisdictions can cause delay, for example if there are no Postal Codes. However, the majority should still Geocode without issue, whilst the remainder may simply require some slight modification.

In areas where issues do arise, it is generally with information between Street and State/County.

As such, remembering that we are using Google Maps, try googling an address using only the Street and State/County - see what information Google Maps itself fills in between, and try to find an appropriate way of formatting this in the box 3a, in the image above. Once you do, if you have multiple other houses on that street with the same address issue, follow the export instructions to edit en masse.

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