Ecanvasser offers 3 different manners in which you can export data from your Voter Universe. Matching the purpose of an export to the correct export style will assist in ensuring your data is presented to you in the most optimal manner.

In this article we will run through those different export tools, outlining the differences in format, and information exported, as well as providing links to more expanded articles on the individual tools.

Walk List Export

The Walk List export tool allows you to quickly access pre-formatted Walk Lists, which can be rapidly put into the field with your canvassers.

It should be noted that you may wish to customize the columns in these somewhat, should the default information not suffice for your purposes.

You can find out how to use this style of export here.

If you are looking to export with a specific view to creating a Walk List; you may wish to review Walk Lists with Ecanvasser, which will provide some additional resources on that particular topic, and ensure your walk lists are the best they can be.

Voter Database Export

This export tool allows you to export your full voter database, or a defined segment thereof, to spreadsheet format.

The primary purposes of this tool would be exporting to:

  • create a custom Walk List
  • keep a copy of your database for personal storage/reference
  • perform advanced analytics on your voters in excel

Find out how to at the Voter Database Export

Results Export

This export tool allows you to export a spreadsheet referencing every completed, and attempted canvass.

As such, it may contain duplicates if a house or person was canvassed more than once. It will also include records for canvasses that were completed when the canvasser selected No Name, so may not be the best record of your database for posterity, or future use.

The manner in which it records data does, however, lend it to use as a manner of tracking canvassers. Those involved in campaigns which rely on paid canvasser will be particularly interested in this export.

Find out how to use the Results Export here.

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