While Ecanvasser is first and foremost designed to allow multiple canvassers in the field to campaign simultaneously via the app, with direction from campaign leaders, it is also possible to canvass directly from the Voter tab.. 

This can be done from a computer, or on tablet accessing Ecanvasser via a traditional browser. There are a number of reasons why this might be considered:

  • From a tablet, in the field:
  • The individual directing a canvass may wish to have a broader overview of exactly how the canvass is going, whilst also canvassing themselves
  • Importing written records:From the Lists tab of the Voter Database, it is also possible to export a Walk List for canvassers who may not have access to a smartphone, you can then import the information as outlined below
  • From a computer:Phone Banking

Canvasses would be set up in the exact same manner as standard (likely involving the setting up of Lists), however, reporting would now be done directly via the Voter tab. Any updates or changes can be performed by selecting the Quick Icons:

Quick Icons Explained:

  • Edit Person

*Be sure not to miss the scroll bar on the right-hand side which allows access to further personal information.

  • Canvass Person

  • Edit House from the House Tab 

*Be sure to select Update Location, prior to selecting Save, if the address is changed.

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