You will use teams you have created to speed up the assigning of canvasses and tasks you have made in the Voter Database and Maps pages. You can also review how a particular team is performing.

Getting Started

Select the Teams icon as illustrated below 

There are four sections to note from our Teams page:

  1. Go To The Teams Page 
  2. Invite Your Team Members
  3. Create Your Teams 
  4. Toggle Campaign User/Team View

From The Team View 

  1. Go to the Teams Tab 
  2. Create a new Canvassing Team
  3. View/Edit existing teams 
  4. Go To Teams Scoreboard 

Creating a New Team

To create a New Team from the Team Tab:

  1. Select Create Team
  2. Type a Team Name
  3. Assign Team Members
  4. Select Save

Team Scoreboard

From here, we can:

  1. Go To Team Scoreboard
  2. Select Effort/All/Time
  3. Select Attempt Order

From the Scoreboard page you will also be given the option to Edit/Delete Teams.

Campaign User View

From the User view we can invite a new Team Member, view your User list or click on an existing user to view their statistics

Enjoy creating your teams! if you have any questions on this please contact Support.

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