This is your database to view of your contact universe. The search and filtering function allows you to segment your contacts and put them together into Lists.

Getting started

On the side panel, select the Database page:

There are three individual parts of the Database page, which are:

  1. Navigation BarĀ e.g Contacts, Houses et.c
  2. Contacts Database, where all your individuals are housed
  3. Filter Panel, which is hidden by default

Contact database

This section contains all of the information that you have available within your contact database, including custom fields and canvass information.
There are a number of database view options available - Contacts, Houses, Streets, or Lists.

For example, clicking on the HOUSES tab to give you a view of all houses within your database.
In addition, the Search function allows you to locate a contact, house, street or list within your database.

View an individual contact or house by clicking on the individual row.

Edit an individual contact or house by clicking on the pencil icon.

You can canvass a contact or house directly from this view by clicking on the clipboard icon. This feature can be accessed directly from the mobile browser, just log in as you would to the app.

Some additional functionality:

  • To add a new house to your database, click on the + CREATE HOUSE icon and enter the house address information
  • To add a new contact to an existing house, click on the + icon when viewing the house and enter the contact's information
  • To locate a specific contact, house, street or list, use the SEARCH function at the top of your Database page.

How to create a new house

How to add a contact to an existing house

Using the search function

Filter function

The Filter Function allows you to segment your Voter database.
The filter panel is hidden by default, simply click on the FUNNEL icon to display your filter options. Filtering is based on the information you have on your contacts; for example, whether or not they have been canvassed or surveyed, survey results, age, gender etc.

Many filter options have sub filter options, that provides you with the ability to drill down even further into database.

Click on the "three dots" icon at the top of your filter panel to save your filter

List function

The LIST function is a powerful and time saving tool at your disposal within Ecanvasser, that allows you to segment your database based on a single or multiple data points. Some typical examples of using lists:

  • identify specific areas/houses/streets to be canvassed by specific teams
  • segment a list of houses based on location
  • manage a list of contacts who have requested a call back
  • highlight contacts who have volunteered to display a lawn sign

Lists can be created using filters, the search function or on the Map page using the Create a List button. In the example below, all contacts that match the search term "Cedar Falls" will be added to the list

Some additional functionality:

  • You can assign a list to a team to organize a canvass event
  • You can view the statistics related to that List

If you have any questions you can contact us in app or at

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