Follow our best practice recommendations and useful tips to optimize the outreach activities for you and team:

    Train all of your Organizers so that they are confident in using the mobile app before you go live. We recommend having at least one training session with each team. This will allow everyone is familiar with what you need them to do plus they will learn how to navigate around the app.
    Make sure each member has been invited to join your account in advance of the activity and has the app downloaded onto their device.

  • 100% POWER
    Remind everyone to fully charge their mobile device prior to the interaction event.
    Consider bringing a portable charger (particularly if you are a Lead Organizer) as a backup!

    Putting your phone in Airplane Mode will assist in saving battery.
    Be sure to sync your data once you’re finished (this may also limit Map functionality).

    The mobile apps work fantastically on Tablets which is especially useful for anyone with any accessibility considerations - give it a go!

    If you are concerned that some of your organizers are not app-savvy, we recommend that you print walk-sheets where data can be manually entered later and inputted into the dashboard later.


  • Where resources allow it, it is advisable to engage in interactions in groups of two. In this situation, have one person input data while the other person leads the conversation.

  • Practice exactly what you plan on saying before you go out on the doors - it will make you more confident, and it will make you sound more confident (be sure to check your Talking Points).

  • Always make eye contact with whoever you’re talking to.
    It’s not only a sign of respect but it also shows you are engaged and interested in what is being discussed.

  • Not everybody is going to be receptive to your message but remember, avoid engaging in any kind of negative debate or argument. You are representing your organization first and foremost.

  • Thank them for listening to you - make sure the person at the door remembers you for the right reasons. Always be gracious when leaving.

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