Custom Fields are one of the most powerful aspects of Ecanvasser. Custom Fields are designed to give you flexibility and control in managing your voters. Custom Fields have two primary purposes:

  • Importing an additional data point that Ecanvasser does not have a default field for, e.g. multiple political units, donation information, etc.
  • A field for you to record information about voters that you wish to gather, e.g. lawn sign or event information

They operate by allowing you to add additional columns to your People Database, customizing Ecanvasser to the specific needs of your campaign.

NationBuilder users can be confident of full integration with the Ecanvasser platform, with Custom Fields from your NationBuilder being input directly along with your initial import of voter information to our People Database.

Create a Custom Field

  1. Go to the Customize Screen
  2. Select Create

From here:

3. Fill in the Field Name
4. Select the type of data to be entered in the Custom Field.

  • Text
  • Number
  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Checklist (like Multiple Choice, but allows users to select multiple answers)
  • Start Rating

5. Click Save

If you select Multiple Choice or Checklist, further options will become to facilitate this:

  1. Type in one of your potential answers, and click Add. Any entered answer will populate below.
  2. To delete a potential answer, select the the parallel  icon.
  3.  Click Save


Custom Fields are Versatile!

Custom Fields are your way of making Ecanvasser meet individual, campaign specific needs:

  • Poll-striking
  • Are your Volunteers affiliated with a local organizational chapter or branch
  • Do your Volunteers prefer to only assist with certain duties
  • Keep a record of voters requiring lawn signs
  • Notes, allowing your canvassers to create Voter specific notes, that may not require the opening of an issue



If you wish to pre-populate any of your custom fields with generic information, this is required to be performed during the upload of your Voter File. Thereafter, Custom Fields may of course be created but they will not be pre-populated with information.

NationBuilder users should create both Custom Fields and Surveys within their NationBuilder account, which will then sync with their Ecanvasser account. Any updates that then occur in Ecanvasser will sync back with your NationBuilder. Syncs will not occur in NationBuilder, in the event that a Survey or Custom Field is created in Ecanvasser.

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