Lists reflect an exact segment of your contact database and help you to assign groups of people to your organizers or to view a segment of your database for data tracking.

How to Create a list

Once you have used the Search and Filter functions to identify a segment:

  1. Segment Contacts using the Filter

  2. Select either the individual records, or all contacts. 

  3. Click +ADD TO LIST option which will open a window

  4. From here, you can either click on the Search Lists to add the selected contacts to an existing list; or

  5. Click the CREATE LIST option which will open a secondary window where you can input the List name along with an option to assign the list to a team.

Time Saving Tip - you can save some time when you want to create a new list by simply typing the new list name in the "Search lists" area, an option will appear that says "Create list"

The Lists tab

The Lists tab contains a list of your current Lists, along with Statistics on the interaction status of a list, and Quick Icons.

  1. Edit list name

  2. Assign a list to a team

  3. Export walk sheet

  4. Mark a list as complete using SET TO DONE

  5. Delete a list

How to Edit a List & Assign to a Team

How to Remove Contacts from a List

You may want to remove contacts from a list (for example, contacts that are now marked as deceased).

You can easily remove a contact from a list as follows:

On the List tab, locate the list in question and click on the list name.

Using the search or filter option, locate the contacts that you want to remove from the list. Click on the checkbox next to the contacts that need to be removed and then click on the - REMOVE FROM LIST option at the top.

This will remove the selected contacts from the list.
Note - the contacts are not deleted from the database, simply removed from the list!

How to Mark a List as Completed

On the List tab, locate the list in question and click on the three dots icon that will open the highlight window below.

To mark a list as completed, click on the Set To Done

The status of the list is then changed to Done and the list is no longer available to your organizers via the mobile app.

Export and Delete Options

On the List tab, locate the list in question and click on the checkbox next to the list name. The EXPORT and DELETE options will appear as highlighted below.

With the EXPORT option, you can select the data points that you would like included in the export.

With the DELETE option, please note that this will delete the List itself however any of contacts in the deleted list will remain in your database and are still accessible via the Contacts tab.

List Analytics

How to Merge two Lists into one

In order to merge two or more lists:

  1. Within the List tab, click on the name of the first list to be merged

  2. Select all contact records within that list

  3. Now click on the +ADD TO LIST option at the top

  4. Select the list that you want to merge these contacts onto & save

  5. Repeat for the required number of individual Lists to be added to list created for the merger.

How to Divide a List into smaller lists

  1. Within the List tab, click on the name of the list to be divided

  2. Either use the search or filter function to identify the contacts you wish to transfer to a new list

  3. Select the contacts and use the +ADD TO LIST option (to either add to another existing list or use the CREATE LIST option if you want a new list)

How to Search a list

From the Lists tab, you can use the Search and Filter functions to segment your contact database. The search function is useful when you have many lists and need to locate a specific list, for example to mark it as done or to export the contacts from a specific list.

The filter function operates exactly the same as on the Contacts, Houses or Streets tab.

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