Lists are likely the most important and key part of using Ecanvasser successfully - a List reflects an exact segment of our database. There are many different reasons why you may want to create one, but if you want to do anything, you’re probably going to make a List.

Creating a List

Regardless of the reason for creating a List, the process of doing so remains the same. Once you have used the Search and Filter functions to identify a segment:

  1. Segment Voters using the Filter Tree
  2. Select either the individual records, or all voters. 
  3. Click add to List
  4. Create a new List, or add to an existing List and Save 

The Lists tab

The Lists tab is somewhat different to the other tabs in our Voter Database. It contains a list of our current Lists, Statistics on the canvas status of a List, and Quick Icons.

  1. Edit List/Assign List to a Team
  2. Set List as Done Edit List/Assign List to a Team
  3. Export Walk Sheet

Select List to Delete/Export List

List Statistics

Merging & Dividing Lists

In order to merge two or more Lists:

  1. Create a new List, giving it the desired title of the merged List
  2. Select one of the List to be merged
  3. Select all records
  4. Click on List, followed by the newly created merged List name.
  5. Repeat for the required number of individual Lists to be added to List created for the merger.

At times you may also wish to divide Lists:

  1. Create a new List(s), giving it the title desired.
  2. Select the List to be divided
  3. Search or Filter identify the Voters you wish to transfer to a new List
  4. Select all of your results, and now add these to the newly created List
  5. You can now:
  • repeat the process if you wish to divide the List multiple times
  • repeat the Search or Filter, delete the Voter from the parent List, and rename the List to reflect this
  • leave the initial parent List as is

Searching Lists

From the Lists tab, we can use the Search and Filter functions in much the same way as on other tabs.

Lists are Versatile!

The primary function of Ecanvasser is as a mobile canvassing app, and the creation of Lists is the primary manner in which canvasses are set up. However, Lists are incredibly versatile in their use, and have many other potential applications for organization, and record keeping. It's worth noting that Lists are most powerful when their use is combined with Custom Fields.

A few examples would be:

  • Organization: as well as helping you keep track of your voters, you can use Ecanvasser to get as detailed a view of your organization!
  • GOTV (Poll-striking): use Lists in tandem with Custom Fields to manage your polling day operation.
  • Planning Ahead: Keep records of Voters who are willing to assist in certain ways so you have a useful starting point for your next campaign!

Note: You may wish to adopt a standard naming practice for your Lists, particularly if you plan on using them for multiple tasks beyond canvassing.

            This could simply be, for canvasses: Area - Action - Date

            or for organization: Org - Purpose

            Develop a system that meets your needs!

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