Ecanvasser is a full solution to the challenges posed by modernizing canvassing. While Ecanvasser is a primarily designed, and targeted, for the mobile canvassing market; it can also be used to perfectly manage a Phone Bank.

Our method of managing a Phone Bank via Ecanvasser is quite similar to how a standard canvass is managed. That said, this article will provide a comprehensive guide to Phone Banking via Ecanvasser, from registration of team members, through to the canvassing operation itself.

Adding your Team Members

For a Phone Banking operation, invite team members to your campaign as normal, and as outlined in the following article:

Inviting your Team to Join the Campaign


  • as Phone Banking is completed via the Ecanvasser Dashboard, ensure that you set you set the Permission Level for these Team Members as Campaign Staffer
  • you may wish to pay particular attention to the information regarding Generic Accounts in the above linked article

Creating Lists for your Phone Bankers

You will want to create Lists to serve as a workload for your Phone Bankers. You can find detailed information on creating Lists in the following articles:

Search & Filter (from the People Tab)
Creating a Group (from the People Tab)
Creating a Group (from the Map Tab)


  • remember, your Lists need only be as segmented as you require. As such, in the event that it is not required that certain Team Members contact certain Voters, you could simply create Lists based on a single page of the Voter Database for each.
  • Give your Lists relevant names, for example, “Volunteer 1 - 8/8/16”

Phone Banking in Action

Your Campaign Staffers can now:

  1. Access their daily/weekly workload via the Filter on the Voter tab.
  2. Canvass by use of the available Quick Icons
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