Custom Fields allow you to put your personal and specific campaign needs to the front and center of Ecanvasser. This article will cover some common uses that may not be immediately apparent, and may help assist in taking your your campaign to the next level!

From your section "Customize your App" you can create new custom fields:

Here are few ideas on how to utilize the custom fields for your outreach campaign:

Lawn Signs, Posters, and Signage

One of the greatest advantages of using Ecanvasser is the available versatility of use, beyond its primary use as a canvassing app.

You may want to consider adding a Custom Field titled, Lawn Signs, Posters, or Signage, depending on the nature of campaigns in your jurisdiction.  Create the Custom Field as simply a Yes/No if only one of these is particularly relevant for your Campaign, or have it Multiple Choice if you prefer to offer a selection.

You can then:

  1. From your Database, you can then use the Filter function to bring up all contacts who require signage
  2. Create a List (or Lists if there is a significant geographic spread)
  3. Title the List appropriately, Lawn Sign Delivery, for example
  4. Assign Team Members to this List

Your Team Members will now be able to make these deliveries in a quick and efficient manner.


Different campaigns will make use of the multiple features of Ecanvasser in different manners. Depending on how you opt to use the Issues tab, you may wish to consider making a Notes Custom Field.

To do so, simply create a Custom Field titled Notes, to be completed via Text. This will allow your Canvassers to insert written notes on a Voter. In contrast to the Issues tab, this would not necessarily be a note that required a follow up, but could simply contain any additional information you may wish to make on a specific Voter.

Contact Interests for Direct Mail
Direct Mail can play an important part in a campaign, particularly if you aim to have it delivered in the final days - Ecanvasser, and Custom Fields, can help you with this. To learn how to use Custom Fields to achieve this, review our dedicated article on Direct Mail.

Polling Station
This can be useful in ensuring that both you and your voters are aware of where they are voting!
Having this listed as a Custom Field will ensure that your Canvassers have that information to hand when your voters ask.

With Ecanvasser, you have your Team Members on your Campaign, and you can mark Contacts in your Database as Volunteers. However, you may want to make note of contacts who are with you, but aren’t quite Volunteering just yet.

As such, it could be useful to create a Custom Field titled Supporter, with a True/False answer.
This will allow you to identify your Supporter segment for any reason, at any time.

Maybe when your next Campaign comes around you might want to reach out to them and invite them to volunteer this time around!

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