Ecanvasser provides you with an app, either iOS or Android, with which to replace traditional walk sheets. Part of the purpose of this is to stream-line the transfer of data from your canvassers on the door, back to your database, and campaign strategists.

That said, there are a number of reasons why a canvass team may wish to also use, or have access to, walk sheets.

  • Canvassers with a non-Android/iOS device
  • Canvassers without a smart phone
  • As a back-up (batteries sometimes die!)

As such, you have two options available to you to generate such a walk sheet, each with their own advantages.

Pre-configured Walk Sheet

From the Lists tab of the Voter Database page:

  1. Select Export Walk List
  2. Click on your desired format.

A walk sheet will begin to download the takes the below format. You may wish to note:

  1. The headings repeat periodically, so as to ensure that they print at the head of each page of the printed walk sheet
  2. The headings are quite limited, collecting only general demographics beyond Reception Rating, and a miscellaneous Info column
  3. The file is formatted with grey colour, so as to read easier for the canvasser
  4. Voters are Listed together by house, allowing you to quickly jump to the next entry when moving house to house

If using this method, you may well wish to customize the walk sheet column headings, as well as add more column headings as per your campaign needs.

Custom Export

While adding in your columns may solve some issues with regard the above pre-configured walk-sheet, if you would like data already existing in your database to be available to your canvassers, you will have to build your own walk sheet. That said, this process is pretty straight forward too!

In order to do so, export using the Database Export Function, having selected the required and desired information for your custom walk sheet.

On first view, this export may seem to be missing some of the nicer formatting of the pre-configured walk sheet but we can quickly take care of that!

To do so:

  1. Download the template here
  2. In your export file, click on any cell, and then press CTRL + A twice
  3. Now, click CTRL + C
  4. In the downloaded template, decide whether you would like the Portrait or Horizontal set up, and select the appropriate tab
  5. Right-click in cell A1 and select Paste Values Only

At this time, you may wish to edit the width of columns, or make any other cosmetic edits you require, and your Custom Walk Sheet should look something like the below:

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