Once you have Linked your Nation with your Ecanvasser Campaign, you're ready to being importing data.

  1. Go to the import Page
  2. Choose NationBuilder.

Once NationBuilder is selected simple add your NationBuiler Slug

Once your Slug is entered you will see the following: 

  1. You will see your NationBuilder lists within your Ecanvasser account.

You will have a number of options from NationBuilder Import page now:

i. See the number of Voters on a List
ii. See that a List has been fully imported
iii. Update a List
iv. Delete a List, or Create an Ecanvasser List directly from the List
v. Review the progress of a currently importing List
vi. Import a new List

Ecanvasser is based on houses rather than Voters. So if the addresses in your imported list are not complete they will not import.

NationBuilder users should create both Custom Fields and Surveys within their NationBuilder account, which will then sync with their Ecanvasser account. Any updates that then occur in Ecanvasser will sync back with your NationBuilder. Syncs will not occur to NationBuilder, in the event that a Survey or Custom Field is created in Ecanvasser.

If you do have any problems importing from NationBuilder please feel free to reach out to our Support Team for advice. 

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