Custom Fields are important for collecting customized data points on your contacts.

Custom Fields from your NationBuilder will be created directly along with your initial import of contact information to our Database.

When an organizer collects information relating to a Custom Field via the Ecanvasser mobile app, this will sync back to your NationBuilder account.

There are, however, a number of things customers should note to ensure that syncing between the Ecanvasser and NationBuilder occurs efficiently:

  • Custom Fields should be created only in NationBuilder

  • Information collected in Ecanvasser will sync back to NationBuilder

  • For a Custom Field to be recognized by Ecanvasser, and sync across, at least one Contact must have information contained within that Custom Field, at the time of the sync

  • Ecanvasser will not pre-populate Multiple Choice Custom Fields with possible answers – your organizers will have to be aware of the potential answers they may input

  • If you wish to pre-populate a Custom Field with generic information, this must be performed prior to syncing the Custom Field to Ecanvasser.

  • If you add a Custom Field to a List already imported to Ecanvasser, this List must be updated in Ecanvasser, and will not automatically sync

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