Export Function

Our Export Function is designed to allow for you to export a custom walk sheet, or perform more in-depth data analysis on your Voter Universe.

To Export, having navigated to the Voter Database: 

  1. Select either Voters or Lists
  2. Select at least one entry
  3. Click the Export button.
  1. A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to select the exact criteria you wish to Export.
  2. Once you are finished selecting your criteria, select Export to generate your report.

Note: The information contained in the exported file will reflect the results of the most recent Canvass.

  1. A pop-up window will appear, advising that your Export has begun.

Note: While smaller reports will generate rapidly, those containing larger amount of data may take relatively longer.

  1. Navigate to your Documents tab to view your Export Status. Once marked as Completed, you may click on the file name to proceed.

2. You can now feel free to modify and print the Excel file for use as a Walk Sheet, or   you can move ahead with your data analysis!

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