The Search Function

The Search function is one of the two main ways by which to segment your database. Searches can be performed on Contacts, or Houses (ie based on address).

You may wish to perform a Search because you want to:

  • Quickly travel to a location on the map

  • Review recent Activity regarding an entry

  • Edit, or Delete an entry

  • Interact with a House

Performing a Search

  1. Enter your Search criteria

  2. Your results will appear below

  3. Select a resulting entry:

4. You will brought to that location on the Map and you can carry out a number of actions, as required:

  • Review recent activity of a House

  • Review/Edit all data available on House, and occupants of the House

Click the clipboard icon to record an interaction with a house.

Click the pencil icon to Edit a House.

Click the three dots icons to Delete a House.

Searching Lists

  1. Select the Lists button

  2. Select an individual List

3. In a new screen the overview of that list will appear:

From the lists tab, you have different options to review and edit the list:

  • Mark list as done

  • Edit the list and assign a new team to the list

  • Delete the list

  • Export the data

The Filter Function

The Filter function is similar to the Search function, in that it allows us to segment your contacts and visualize this live directly on your Map:

Helpful Tip: When you Filter prior to creating a new List, only those who are currently visible on the map, as a result of the Filtering, will become part of that List. There are a number of reason you may wish to create a List in this manner. For example:

  • If you wanted to create multiple Lists to distribute lawn-signs, you could Filter for Contacts who required one; and then create multiple Lists to ensure their distribution was geographically efficient.

  • If your team interacted with an area on a public holiday, or the day of a major sporting event, you may have found that the rate of doors opened, or call backs requested was significantly high - you could Create a List having used the Filter function, to carry out a follow up interactions with the contacts that you missed.

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