The Search Function

The Search function is one of the two main ways by which to segment your database. Searches can be performed on Voters, or Houses (by address).

You may wish to perform a Search to either:

  • Quickly travel to a location on the map
  • Review recent Activity regarding an entry
  • Edit, or Delete an entry
  • Canvas a House

Performing a Search

  1. Enter your Search criteria
  2. Your results will appear below
  3. Select a resulting entry, and you will brought to that location on the Map.

You many now carry out a number of actions, as required:

  • Review recent activity of a House
  • Review/Edit all data available on House, and Voter occupants of House

Canvass House via pop-up menu

Edit House via pop-up menu (be sure to select Update Location, prior to Save)

Delete House via pop-up menu


Searching Lists

  1. Select the Lists button
  2. Select an individual List

From the lists tab, you may also:

Locate on Map (only for Lists created through the Maps tab, as opposed to  the Voter Database, who may not share a geographic link)

Edit List (Change List Name, Assign Canvassers, Mark as Done, Delete List)

Selecting a List will also open the List Overview. From here you can:

  • Review Canvass productivity, and response
  • Review Team members assigned to List
  • Review any pertinent information gathered

Edit List

Mark List as Done

Delete List


The Filter Function

The Filter function is similar to the Search function, in that it allows us to segment our voters, and visualize this live, directly on our Map. This information is dependant on the information imported from our Voter File (orNationBuilder), and that which has been recorded by our live canvassers, or back office staff.

Generally, once a filtering option is selected, it will require you to select at least one segment of that filter, to yield results:

When you Filter prior to creating a new List, only those who are currently visible on the map, as a result of the Filtering, will become part of that List. There are a number of reason you may wish to create a List in this manner. For example:

  • If we wanted to create multiple Lists to distribute lawn-signs, we could Filter for Voters who required one; and then create multiple Lists to ensure their distribution was geographically efficient.
  • If we canvassed an area on a public holiday, or the day of a major sporting event, we may have found that the rate of doors opened, or call backs requested was significantly high - we could Create a List having used the Filter function, to carry out a follow up canvass on those Voters we missed.
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