The Analytics page provides you with a an abundance of data and statistics, on how your account is developing; providing you with the necessary insights to decide on a course of action. This allows you to become data informed when making strategic decisions.

To get started, select your Analytics page:

You can use the filter options of Campaign Effort and App Type when selecting what data to view within your Analytics charts:

There are a numerous analytics sections within your Analytics page:

  • Analysis of interactions based on Conversion Rate and Ratings:

  • Performance Summary based on Lists (option to view the full overview)

  • Performance Summary based on Streets (option to view the full overview)

  • Performance Summary based on Surveys (option to view the full overview):

  • Breakdown of Demographic Data:

  • Breakdown of Custom Fields

This section provides critical data on any Custom Field that was included with your contact file, or that you had your organizers collect in the field.

You can select what Custom Field you want to view :

Exporting Data

The Export function allows your to export the Interaction data collected using Ecanvasser, convenient when you need to perform further analysis.

You can use the filter options to determine what to include in your data export:

If you have any questions reach out to us in app, or contact

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