Your Analytics page provides you with a an abundance of data, and statistics, on how your Campaign is developing; providing you with the necessary insights to decide on a course of action.

To get started, select your Analytics page:

There are four aspects of your Analytics page

  • Canvas Overview
  • Export Data
  • Community Breakdown
  • Custom Fields Breakdown

Canvas Overview

This provides you with statistics on your canvas pertaining to:

  • Productivity
  • Reception
  • Issues

Export Data

This facilitates exporting your canvass data from Ecanvasser, so as to perform further analysis via Excel.

Community Breakdown

This provides you with statistics, based upon the demographic information available in your Voter Database.

Some of this information may have already been in your Voter File, but you can always get more information simply by having your Canvassers input the information while they are in the field.


Custom Fields Breakdown

These provide critical data on any Custom Field that was included with your Voter File, or that you had your canvassers compile in the field.

You can:

  • Select which Custom Field to review
  • Review the Results
  • Change graph type

Different data types will display better, and provide better insights, as different graphs!

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