Adding a New House

  1. Go to the Voter Database on the dashboard
  2. Select Create House
  3. Input details as necessary in the pop-up menu
  4. Finally, click Save

Adding a New Person

  1. From the Voter Database click the house in which the person is registered
  2. Select the plus symbol within the pop up. 
  3. Input details as necessary in the pop-up menu (and don’t miss the scroll bar on the right hand side of the menu)
  4. Click Save

Editing Voters or Houses

1. Click the individual record to be edited

  • If editing a Voter, ensure the correct person is chosen.

2. Select either:
     1. Edit/Delete Person/House
     2. Edit/Delete Person/House

3. Click Save

Adding a New Voter File

During the course of a campaign, more data may become available, and you may wish to upload a new Voter File. Ecanvasser can facilitate this, and new Voter Files can be uploaded in the exact same manner as the first.

However, it should be noted that if the data in your new file conflicts with that of in the existing file; your old data will be over-written with the new. This could potentially result in you losing out on information that has been updated in Ecanvasser, such as canvassing, or issues that have arisen.

That said, if you manually remove such duplicates prior to upload, no such issue should occur. Neither will issues arise if your voters have appropriate Voter ID Numbers included in the Voter File.

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