Depending on your jurisdiction, you may have information available to you on registered voters which have voted in the past.

Voters who have voted in past elections are a key demographic for all campaigns. If they’ve voted in the past number of elections, they become even more key.

A voter who voted in the last election is known as a Prime Voter, while if they have voted in the last two they are Double Prime Voters, and so on.

How you use this information will vary - perhaps in the last week of the campaign you keep your focus to Prime Voters, or have a dedicated team for Triple Prime Voters as part of your Polling Day Operation. Regardless, identifying and discussing your strategy for the targeting of Prime Voters should occur early in your campaign planning.

During the the upload of your Voter File, you have the option to assign the Column Heading Election.

Simply select New Election, and title appropriately, e.g. Congressional 6th 2014.

This is particularly useful if you have Voter ID numbers assigned to your voters.

You will now be able to use the Filter function to segment your Voter Database based upon voting history. It’s also worth bearing in mind that when you otherwise segment your Database, you can further segment any other segment by their voting history.

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