Talking points are short notes or templates that are available to your organizers via the mobile app while they are in the field.

To get started, select the Talking Points tab:

There are two areas within the page:

  • Points
  • Create Point


Within the Points area, you can:

  • Review any existing Talking Points
  • Edit by clicking the talking point or Delete any existing Talking Points by selecting the icon

Creating a New Point

Making additional Points is incredibly straightforward:

  1. Hit the Create Talking Point button
  2. Type out your Point
  3. Type an appropriate Category
  4. Select Team
  5. Select Save

Talking Points Serve You!

The above, details the standard and intended functionality of the Talking Points feature; however, remember that Ecanvasser is meant to serve the individual needs of your campaign or movement.

Perhaps the issues that are commonly raised in different parts of your campaigning area vary quite significantly. In such an instance, it may be an idea to use the Category section as a geographic identifier, while using a single talking point to highlight the issues to be discussed. For example:


In this way, you can not only make sure that your organizers are on message, but you can make sure that your messaging is prioritized depending on area, per your campaign strategy.

Some customers use talking points as a template, allowing them to follow up with customers via SMS after a phone canvass has occurred.

If you have any questions reach out to us in app, or contact

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