Talking Points are the direct line of communication to everyone in your organization, direct to their phones. Pushing Talking Points to your entire membership gives you control over how your teams interact and campaign in the community.

It allows you to adjust messaging in real-time based on events as they happen.

Use Talking points to issue short notes or templates to your organizers via the mobile app while they are in the field.

To get started, go to the Talking Points page:

There are two main areas within the Talking Points page:

  • Talking Points

  • Create Point

Talking Points Area

Within the Talking Points area, you have the following options:

  • view existing Talking Point(s);

  • Edit the Talking Point category and/or text by clicking the Talking Point;

  • Delete any existing Talking Points by hovering over the Talking Point and selecting the "trash can" icon

Creating a New Talking Point

Making additional Talking Points is straightforward:

  1. Click the Create Talking Point button

  2. Select or type the Category

  3. input the text of your Talking Point

  4. Select Team if the Talking Point relates to a specific team or leave it blank so that the Talking Point is visible to all members within your account

  5. Select Save

If you have any questions reach out to us in app, or contact

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