Different countries have different regimes and traditions with respect to the availability of voter data. In Europe particularly, it can be very difficult to access any identifiable information about voters and politicians have to rely on generic data about areas. In the US, typically, voter data is much more readily available with a range of sources to choose from.

If you are starting on your voter list journey today here are some of the sources you might look to and below that is a list of some of the vendors of this information broken down by country. If your country is not listed or if you are still struggling, then contact us and we will help you to find the correct source for your area.

Voter file vendors

There are a host of voter file vendors, generally in the US, who provide incredibly detailed voter information. They often will have software attached that is then used to outreach to these voters. You can find a list of some of these in the infographic at the bottom of this article.

Local government resources

By far the most common source of voter information is local government or the county/city council. They are usually obliged to provide an electoral register to candidates but will often need to be harassed/cajoled or taken to dinner to extract it from them! Seriously though, know what you are entitled and make sure that they deliver on this. Usually the point of contact here is the local council or county clerk, depending on country.

Party sources

If you are affiliated with a political party, they should be able to provide you with good quality voter information that has been built up over time. If they cannot, it might be worth asking why not?

Previous candidates or retiring incumbents

It is always worth asking former candidates or retiring incumbents for their information. A simple clean up job on the file and it might be saleable.

Organically/voter outreach

This is easily the best voter file you can acquire if you have the time and resources to do it. Building a voter list yourself through voter outreach will give you a watertight resource and the huge benefit of all those interactions in order to get it! Think long term and start early with this, your political career is unlikely to be just one run for office.

If you're looking to get started in this manner, then you can find more information here.

Contact Point By Territory

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