While a readily available data file can save you time during set up, there are options to use Ecanvasser without an existing database if you build it from scratch.

Option 1:
Using "Ecanvasser Go" to build a database from scratch

Using the Ecanvasser Go mobile app during an outreach allows your organizers to collect the contact details of every contact they engage with it.

Step 1: During the outreach choose the relevant fields of the Ecanvasser Go app to save the information of the engagement.

In "Contact" you can store the contact information:

Step 2: Fill in the contact details.

Option 2:
Using Ecanvasser Walk to upload placeholder contacts to replace them later

Step 1: Open up a blank spreadsheet, and create the following:

Step 2: By selecting all the cells in Row 2, and then the bottom right hand corner of cell F2, we can drag down the length of the document and it will auto-populate data (including increasing the House Numbers by one for each row).

Step 3: During your outreach, in order to ensure your database is entirely accurate, there are a few steps you can take:

  • If you encounter inaccurate information, for example, number 5A and 5B; you can always modify the first 5 to become 5A, and create a new House 5B right from within your app, in seconds

  • When you finish a street, take note of how many houses there were, and delete the extra ones from the dashboard back at HQ

  • Check in advance, using Google Maps to see what number the last house on the street is, and just create the exact amount

Using the straightforward steps above, you can use a spreadsheet and Ecanvasser to build your database, simply with an extra minute or two of preparation prior to your outreach.  

If you have any questions on the process, feel free to reach out to us at support@ecanvasser.com

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