Ecanvasser's Leader Account is Enterprise Level functionality, that allows stakeholders of multiple campaigns to receive an overview of their campaigns from one unified dashboard.  You will notice it first when you select Change Campaign. From here, you can:

  1. Select which organisations sub campaigns you wish to access
  2. Select Other to access your non-linked campaigns
  3. Select a Leader Globe to visit the organisation dashboard

Having selected a Leader Globe, you will be brought to your Leader Dashboard. From here, you have access to your Leader Campaign & Results tab.  Campaign tab

You can:

  1. Review the sub campaigns associated with your leader account
  2. Review or Remove those people who have access to the Leader Dashboard
  3. Invite others to join as Organisation Leaders

 Inviting Organisation Leaders

This works on the same basis as inviting regular campaign members. The main point person who liaised with Ecanvasser to create the Organisation will be the Organisation owner. That person will be responsible for communicating any account or billing information to or from Ecanvasser.  You may invite additional Campaign Leaders. They will have full access to the Leader Account, and will also be automatically made Campaign Managers on each sub-campaign.

Analytics tab

From here, you can review cumulative statistics on your campaigns, either contrasting selected campaigns, or all of your campaigns in their totality.

Filtering options include:

  1. Default to all campaigns, or select a couple to contrast
  2. Change what data point you wish to review
  3. Select time-frame

Once your satisfied with the above filters, the data will populate in two sections:

Line Graph for selected Data Point:

Dedicated Canvass Bar Charts:

If you do have any questions on Ecanvasser Leader and its functionality, please feel free to reach out to us.

Customize Page:

The Customize Page allows you to configure your Walk Apps across all campaigns, for further information on this see our dedicated Customize Page article Here. 

Consent Capture Settings:

On your Customize page, you can control which consent is being captured by toggling the consent types* on or off. Once this is selected within Leader it will apply to all campaigns.

*Consent to receive updates on an issue is only presented after an issue has been reported
**Consent to receive Volunteer Updates is only presented a person has indicated they are a volunteer

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