What is Ecanvasser's Leader?

Ecanvasser's Leader Account is Enterprise Level functionality, that allows stakeholders of multiple campaigns to receive an overview of their campaigns from one unified dashboard.

It allows the user to have a holistic view of how the campaign is performing.


Presidential Campaign in U.S.A

As you can see from the above, there is some sample data which has been populated into the leader dashboard.

Each of these headings (states in this example) e.g Alabama is broken into what we call divisions. As campaigns differ in size and geo location you might want to break your campaigns into these to allow different regional break outs of the state, country, land, nation etc. You can then populate campaigns specific to that division.

It will also give you a great breakdown, of contacts, houses, attempts, hit rate and of course reception rating which will allow you to decide where to spend your efforts if a particular region is working better or worse than the other.

There are a few different permissions which are associate with the Leader account here at Ecanvasser.

Leader Owner, like the campaign owner on a standalone Ecanvasser subscription, the leader owner will have full rights to the Ecanvasser Dashboard and Leader account including billing.

You can also:

1. Review the sub campaigns associated with your leader account

2. Review or Remove those people who have access to the Leader Dashboard

3. Invite others to join as Organisation Leaders

Leader Manager, access to all features like the leader owner except queries in relation to the billing and invoicing.

Division Manager will have access to the assigned division as per the example above Alabama and all the associated campaigns under that division. They will in turn have campaign manager access to each of the campaigns.

Analytics tab

From here, you can review cumulative statistics on your campaigns, either contrasting selected campaigns, or all your campaigns in their totality.

Filtering options include:

1. Default to all campaigns, or select a couple to contrast

2. Change what data point you wish to review

3. Select time-frame

Customize App

The customize app page remains the same set up as an individual campaign here at Ecanvasser, the main difference is when you update the app page from a Leader account it populates down to each campaign you have associated with the leader account.

This can take away from campaign personalization, or increase campaign unity. This is usually customer specific.

Learn more about customizing your app here.

Membership Directory

Here is where you can see every member which is part of the campaign as a whole, specific division managers, campaign managers and individual canvasser.

Click here to learn more

On your Customize page, you can control which consent is being captured by toggling the consent types* on or off. Once this is selected within Leader it will apply to all campaigns.

-Consent to receive updates on an issue is only presented after an issue has been reported
-Consent to receive Volunteer Updates is only presented a person has indicated they are a volunteer

If you would like to learn more, you can reach out to info@ecanvasser.com or support@ecanvasser.com

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