When importing your initial Voter File, if you included a unique Voter ID, you can use this during subsequent imports to merge your datasets together.

In some cases, you might have multiple different types of Voter ID; State, Party, Federal, etc., but the IDs in the files must be the exact same ones.

When uploading a file for merge by this method, you must make sure to include:

  • Voter ID
  • First & Last Name
  • All Address/House information (including Precinct)

Note: If Address/House information is not an exact match, it will be read as a new house; and the voter will be moved accordingly.

You can then include any additional information you wish to be updated or appended to your existing voters. You may wish to note that:

  • Any information not referenced in the new dataset will simply remain as it is currently in your database
  • If a voter has a NULL value for a selected column in the new dataset, a NULL value will not overwrite a value held in the existing dataset
  • If a voter has conflicting information between the existing database, and new merging dataset, the new data will override the old
  • If a voter is present in the new dataset, and not in your existing database, they will simply be added as a new voter
  • If a voter is present in your old dataset, and not in the new, they will be uneffected by the merge
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