Finding an efficient and effective way to manage your team can prove both as challenging and beneficial to you. This is where Ecanvasser has you covered.


In Ecanvasser, this is primarily achieved via your Members Directory page, where you can review statistics on the performance of your individual members and your Teams. This can be a useful way to ensure that your organizers are hitting their KPIs, as well as that everyone is grading to the same marking scheme. 

For example, you might find that some of your members are a little optimistic about what exactly a Strong Supporter is, while others are little in the opposite direction. You can use your Teams tab to keep an eye on how everyone is doing, and spot Users who seem to have interactions indicating that your campaign effort is doing little differently to their colleagues knocking on similar doors or having similar interactions.

Beyond this, there are a few other pieces of functionality that you can make use to help bring efficiencies to your Ecanvasser account.

You can visit your Analytics page for a complete Interactions Export providing your with time-stamped records of every interaction carried out.

Mark as Volunteer

You should generally find that most of your Users also exist within your database as Voters (and if they don't, you can create them) - they should be marked as such. 

There is currently no formal link between a Contact marked as a Volunteer, and one of your Users, however you can still reap benefits from this functionality.

You could make utilize contacts marked as volunteers within your Ecanvasser through the following:

Custom Fields

Track what activities a particular Volunteer is willing to carry out.

Particularly in larger databases that have many Volunteers, this can help your staffers quickly identify who is willing to engage in organizing activities such as leaflet drops, speak publicly, etc.

You could also consider separately tracking useful skill sets or resources.

For example, which users have access to transport that they're willing to make use of during a specific campaign effort, who is an expert in social media, or have some graphic design skill?

Map Page

You can filter for Volunteers just like you would any other data point.

Perhaps it could be useful to see a geographic dispersal of your Volunteers, and even contrast this with other information, such as where you're getting the best rating.

Keep Your Members on Message

Ecanvasser's Talking Points allow you to ensure that your members stay on message while interacting with your contact universe.

With the tap of a button, your organizers can see what your stance is on any particular policy.

Learn more about this here.

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