We want linking your Nation to your Ecanvasser account to be as simple as possible. Follow these easy steps to get started.

Linking your NationBuilder account with Ecanvasser

  1. Go to the section "App Store"
  2. Choose NationBuilder.

3. Input your NationBuilder Slug, and click Save.

4. Input your NationBuilder login details:

Importing contacts and mapping fields

Now, that your nation is connected, you can:

  1. Map the statuses
  2. Import contacts from you NationBuilder lists.

1. Map the statuses

Click on "Map Statuses". Here you can map your statuses to your canvass statuses. Each card shows all the default statuses in , you can select an canvass status in the dropdown, then those statuses will be mapped together.

2. Import contacts from NationBuilder

  1. The lists that you created in NationBuilder will show up. Select the icon next to a list and import it from here.

2. Once a list is fully imported you have multiple options:

  • See the number of contacts on a List
  • See that a List has been fully imported
  • Update a List
  • Delete a List

3. Your imported contacts will show up on your "Database" page on your Ecanvasser dashboard.

Ecanvasser is based on houses rather than contacts. So if the addresses in your imported list are not complete they will not import.

NationBuilder users should create both Custom Fields and Surveys within their NationBuilder account, which will then sync with their Ecanvasser account.

Any updates that then occur in Ecanvasser will sync back with your NationBuilder.

Syncs will not occur to NationBuilder, in the event that a Survey or Custom Field is created in Ecanvasser.

Click here an learn more about the syncing between NationBuilder and Ecanvasser.

You can also contact us at support@ecanvasser.com.

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