Ecanvasser contains various elements that can be configured or used together to gather and manage your data in the way you'd like. Particularly at the beginning of a campaign, it can be worth experimenting with these to see which workflows best meet your needs.

Data protection

Data Protection and Privacy has become increasingly important to campaigns in many regions over the last year or so (particularly in Europe with the GDPR). As a result, Ecanvasser has developed dedicated functionality to help ensure that campaigns meet their required obligations in this area, such as Digital E-Signature, and our Privacy Dashboard.

You can learn about how to enable this functionality here.

Custom fields

Custom Fields allow you to add additional data points to your Ecanvasser campaign as and when you need them. We place no limit on the number of fields you can create although we recommend to have them concise from data collection, and they can be used to gather any data point required to meet your campaign needs (think lawn signs or topics of interest).


These are particularly useful for when you want to more heavily script the wording your Canvassers use when they're asking questions on the door, and when you're looking to structure their conversations a little more.

You can learn more about setting these up here.

Your canvass screen

While your canvassers are in the field they can edit data points on any contacts they have access to. Of course, there are going to be some that are more critical to your campaign than others - you can use this page to choose which data points you want to present front-and-center to your Canvasser.

Final thoughts

It's worth briefly mentioning your Issues here too, as they are another method of gathering information while in the field. Issues are best leveraged by using them exclusively for matters that absolutely require a follow up contact from a member of the campaign team.

You have a number of options available to you above for configuring your campaign. We recommend experimenting with these during your trial to develop a workflow that's optimal for your campaign.

If you have any questions you can contact us in app or at

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