Getting your data into Ecanvasser is generally the first step towards actively launching your campaign, and it's critical to understand how this works to make sure that your data is managed in the most effective way possible.

Data situations can vary significantly between regions, and even campaigns in the same area. Some campaigns will have one good data file good to go; while others might be looking to merge multiple sets, or even build a database from scratch!

The articles below will outline what you need to do to get started, regardless of your situation.

To import data to Ecanvasser, it must either be in spreadsheet (excel etc.) format, or via our NationBuilder integration.

Don't have a contact file?

If you don't have a file available, you may have a few options available to you to source one, you can review these here. Alternatively, perhaps you might want to consider building a database from scratch?

Have a contact file, but it needs a little work?

The Ecanvasser Voter File Importer is quite flexible, allowing for the import of data files with different structures. That said, occasionally files do require a little cleaning - if this is the case you can learn about the requirements for import here:

Have a single database and you are ready to go!

If you have a single file to import and are ready to go, you can simply proceed to importing your contacts; likewise if you're a NationBuilder user!

Have multiple files and need to merge cleanly & efficiently!

If your confident that there are no duplicates between these files, you can simply import them one by one, as if you had one large file.

If you don't, not to worry you can use our de-duplication tool to take out the duplicates.

If you have any questions reach out to us in app, or contact

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