Getting your Team members set up with Ecanvasser is a critical part of your journey and we've made as straightforward and easy as possible.
Below you'll discover what you should consider before inviting them, and the steps you'll have to do so.

The three steps to onboarding your Team are:

  • Understanding what access you would like to give them

  • Inviting them

  • The Team member signing up

Understanding Ecanvasser Permission Levels

Different users of your account require different levels of access. Some will require access to the dashboard, others the app. Even within those permissions, you many wish to manage exactly what a user can or cannot do. Have a quick read to get to grips with inviting your Team:

Understanding Your Ecanvasser Permission Levels

Inviting Your Team to Join Your Account

Once you know what permission level a user will have, you just need to provide an email address or phone number and the user will take care of the rest themselves:

Inviting Your Team to Join your Account

Joining your Account

Once a user receives their email or text invitation, they need to provide a few small details before they're granted appropriate access, and are good to get to work!

Joining via Email

Depending on a users permission level, they may be able to start work straight away; that said, you should consult the other documents in these support pages to learn about how to assign Talking Points, Surveys, Turfs and the like to specific users as required!

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