What is Data Anonymization?

It is the process of removing all personally identifiable information from your database, including data that relates to your contacts, canvasses and reported issues.

When should I anonymize my data?

You should anonymize your data when you no longer have a legal basis to retain personally identifiable data, such as after your campaign has ended. This will enable you to comply with Data Protection legislation.

Will I lose all my campaign statistics?

No, your campaign statistics will be collated and is accessible via the Results page.

By default, any person who has given you their consent will be excluded when you opt to anonymize your data. You may include Voter who have given their consent, by checking the box in the "Anonymize your Data" window.

Can any campaign user activate Data Anonymization?

Data Anonymization is a restricted feature and can only be activated by Campaign Owners and Campaign Managers. 

How do I anonymize my data?

Step 1 : Navigate to your campaign settings page, where you will find the "Anonymize Your Data" option and click on the row.

Step 2: A dialog window will open and you will be presented with a breakdown of the number of contacts, canvasses and issues that will be deleted from your campaign.
Tick the checkbox if you want to anonymize contacts who have given their consent.

Step 3: When you ready to proceed with anonymizing your data, click NEXT then CONFIRM.

Step 4: You will receive a notification on the dashboard when your data anonymization has completed, as well as an update in your activity feed on the homepage.

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