Ecanvasser is all about taking the old pen-and-paper model, and introducing the efficiencies of digital campaigning - so we highly recommend you use our Android and iOS canvassing apps, that have built in map functionality. That said, if you do have some users still on the pen-and-paper, below you'll find some general instructions on how you can make a printed map for the team, with some free tools!

Quick & Easy

Both Windows and MacOS come with inbuilt tools for taking pictures of segments of your screen. For the best results:

  • Zoom in enough to allow canvassers to identify individual houses, or clusters of houses if you only want to direct them between general areas
  • Use the available mark up tools to provide any general directions, and something as simple as MS Paint can be used to add a block of text or suggested route as needed


A Bit More in Depth

Google MyMaps is a great and free tool allowing people to create custom maps.

First, we'll want to export the data from our campaign that we're looking to use. You'll need to export Longitude and Latitude at the very least, but as we'll see in a moment, you might want to consider any other data point that you might want to colour code, or label by.


  • Navigate to Google MyMaps (you'll have to create a Google account if you don't have one already)
  • Click to CREATE A NEW MAPS
  • Select Import and choose our export from your desktop
  • Latitude & Longitude should auto-select as your placemarks, so just hit Continue
  • For the names of your markers, something like Voter ID, or Surname works well, and select Continue again

It may now take Google a few minutes to prepare and load your data (depending on the amount to be imported). Once it finishes importing, you should have a placemark on the map for each house. A few options to consider:

  • Select an appropriate zoom for what you're trying to convey to your canvassers - is it house specific information, or general directions from one part of town to the next?
  • Select Uniform Style and change this to reflect Street Name, Canvass Status, or Party instead
  • In the key on the left hand side, select a different icon, or even just a different coloured icon (or smaller if your map is busy!)
  • Change the Base Map to one you prefer
  • Use the available markup tools to provide people with general directions, instructions, or anything else you're looking to convey here

Finally, use your operating systems inbuiit screen capture method, as outlined above, to get the picture to print for your team!


Of course, let us know if we can offer any advice on creating your maps!

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