If you're already an Ecanvasser user, you can simply download the app, or log in with your existing credentials. Otherwise, you'll be able to get started with the apps once you've been invited to your first campaign.

Signing Up

You'll receive an invitation from your campaign management team via either email or text, and just need to follow a few short steps to get active!


Just click the button Sign up for Ecanvasser to proceed:

Once you do, you'll be prompted to provide a few details,


  • If your email client prevents the button from displaying, just click on the link below it
  • If the button/link leads you the campaign creation page, it sounds as if your browsers location settings may not be configured correctly. Simply right click the button/link, and select to open it in an Incognito/Private Browsing window. Once you complete sign up it will not be necessary to make use of this.


No phone number on app
No asking to be contacted for marketing info

Terms and conditions are just accepted instead of checkbox
No password confirmation
Delete my phone number user so I can start from Scratch

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