Ecanvasser aims to address the issues associated with paper based campaigns. Our app is designed to make Canvassing easy and straight forward for your volunteers on the campaign trail.


To begin your canvass first select the List you intend to work on. 

Once your Group has been selected you will be shown a list of houses. To begin your canvass first: 

1. Select a House 

2. Select a Voter

You can then begin to fill out your Canvass Screen. Here you will be presented with a list of Data collection options. 

  • You can collect a Reception Rating 
  • Collect Custom Field/Survey answers
  • Note down any Issues a particular voter may may have.
  • Collect a House Note

To Collect a house Note scroll to the bottom of the canvass screen and click the note section.

Add your house note and click save.

This note will then appear attached to the house for all other canvassers to reference


**Please note that once your Canvass sheet is complete simply hit the Tick symbol on the top right-hand corner of the canvass screen. This will save your Canvass.

Canvassing From The Map 

Some users will prefer to use the map while canvassing. The Map can serve as a visual aid to your canvassers. 

To begin click the three dots at the top right of the screen and 

1. Select Map 

2. Select house (House highlighted in yellow when selected)

3. Click the selected address at the bottom of thee app screen

4. Select a Voter

You will then be brought to the canvass screen and you can begin your canvass! 

Quick Canvass

For those voters that are not available during your initial canvass you may wish to mark them under one of the following categories (or any others create by you in the dashboard). 

Call Back 

Not Interested 

Not Home


The Quick canvass process is extremely easy, simply click the 3 vertical dots the appears next to the voter address on ether the Map, Voter or House tabs. 

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