Ecanvasser Accounts must be created through the website, you can visit and select Get Started or Sign Up

Upon reviewing the terms and conditions, check the box indicating so, followed by Create Account.

Creating an Account via Email

  • You will then receive an email from Ecanvasser to confirm that the address you signed up with is valid. Simply click on the confirm button in the email and it will take you directly to the sign in page where you can input your email and password to gain access to your Ecanvasser Dashboard.

Downloading the App

The Ecanvasser mobile app is available to download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app is free to download.

Logging In

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the App you will be prompted to Login. Your options remain the same as when logging in through a traditional browser:

Using the App

The app works similarly on both iOS and Android. The differences that do exist being in user interfaces, and are in line with platform standards - ensuring that the use of the app is intuitive for all your canvassers, regardless of the device they use.

The app allows Canvassers to:

  • Know exactly where and who they are supposed to be canvassing
  • Create New Houses/Voters
  • Input personal information regarding existing Voters
  • Record the level of response from Voters
  • Refer to pre-prepared Talking Points
  • Complete any Surveys you may have assigned

If you can't find quite what you're looking for, our Help Center has more articles on getting started with the app or feel free to reach out to our Support Team

Getting Started

Select a Campaign 

First Select your Campaign and Click Start

Once you have clicked start the campaign will begin to Sync 

Once the Sync is complete you will be asked to select an Effort (If more than one has been created)

Once the appropriate Effort has been selected you will be brought the Lists screen, where you can then begin to canvass.

If you wish to perform a new Sync, switch Efforts, switch Campaign or Log out you can do so by selected Settings at the bottom of the screen.

Permission Levels 

When inviting your Team through the Dashboard you will need to assign a permission level to each member. 

There are 4 permission levels in total: Campaign Manager, Campaign Staffer, Lead Canvasser and Canvasser, 

Campaign Managers, Campaign Staffers and Lead Canvassers have access to everyone in the database through the mobile app

Canvassers, the individuals usually make up most of your team, have access to specifically assigned groups. They cannot access data that has not been assigned to them.

Getting the most out of your Ecanvasser App

  • Become confident in using the App before you go live, it shouldn’t take too long, and you can be certain to ensure no information is lost!
  • Make sure that your battery is fully charged prior to beginning a canvass.
  • Consider bringing a portable charger (particularly if you are a Lead Canvasser)

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • Does it work Offline? Yes! the app will work offline. We do recommend performing a manual sync once you gave regained connection to ensure all data updates within the dashboard. 
  • Why can I know see my data? It is possible you don't yet have a group assigned to you. If a canvasser has not been assigned a group then data will not appear.                                                                                                    If groups have been assigned then you may have a filter applied. Clearing your filters will rectify this issue. 

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