Organizations and Campaigns operate in many different ways and Ecanvasser has different field mobile apps depending on what works best for you

Ecanvasser has crafted two different apps to meet your needs.

Some customers use both mobile apps, others will use either Ecanvasser Walk or Ecanvasser Go. The team member log in process is the same for both mobile apps which makes it easy to onboard members to either or both mobile apps!

Discover further information about both apps here:

Ecanvasser Walk mobile app is designed for when you're working off of a dedicated database that your management team has uploaded and prepared on the Ecanvasser dashboard. You'll be selecting specific Contacts or Houses to interact with, and may have access to the entire database, or just a segment of it.

Ecanvasser Walk is perfect for the traditional engagement style in countries used to using field engagement software, and works exactly as you'd expect.
Download the app to get started!

Ecanvasser Go app does not rely on a pre-existing contact databases and your interactions are aggregated to allow your management team a high level overview of your total engagements.

Of course, you have the opportunity to create individual Contacts if you like, but this is probably the exception.

Ecanvasser Go is ideal for when your data needs allow you the freedom to take that higher level view, or even to complement Ecanvasser Walk for tracking interactions at events or while your team are on the go. Download the app to get started!

If you have any questions reach out to us in app, or contact

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