On Your First Log In

When you first log into your Ecanvasser Go app, you will be prompted to select which account you want to engage with - just click on which one you're working on today:

Selecting a Campaign Effort

Next up, you may be prompted to select the relevant Campaign Effort.

If there is only one active campaign effort, then this step will be skipped:

Understanding Locations

The next stage is the Locations map page. From here, you will be doing one of two actions:

  1. Selecting a location and start your interactions

  2. Creating a new Location so that you can start interactions

Selecting a pre-created Location

To start your interactions, simply find the location

If you select the location pin on the map then click LET'S GO:

Creating a new Location

You can create a new Location by selecting the + icon.

You'll just need to position the location on screen and select the check mark in the upper right hand corner.

You can give your Location a name, and alter the pre-populated address where application.

Creating new Go Locations should be discussed ahead of time with your management team and a process agreed for when this is appropriate.

Should you have any further questions, you can reach out to one of the team at support@ecanvasser.com

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