Once you've logged into your Ecanvasser Go app, you'll be prompted to select which Campaign you want to engage with - just click on which one you're working on today:

If your campaign has more than one active Effort, you'll be asked to choose which one you want to engage in. An Effort is a round of canvassing. For example, you might have a Winter effort, and a Spring effort using the same locations, or an Education effort and Healthcare effort - your campaign management team should indicate to you which effort to select. If you only have one active effort, this will be automatically selected.

Once the campaign has downloaded to your device, you'll be presented with your first proper view of Ecanvasser Go, and can:

  1. Enter a Canvass Location
  2. Create a New Canvass Location
  3. Access Settings

Enter Canvass Location

Canvass Locations are pre-configured by your campaign management team. If you select one of these, you'll be prompted with the name and address of the location. 

  • Select LET'S GO to begin canvassing

Create New Canvass Location

Permissions: This functionality is limited to users who are Lead Canvassers or above.

You can create a brand new Canvass Location by selecting the + icon. You'll just need to position the location on screen and select the check mark in the upper right hand corner.

At this point, you can give your Location a Name, and alter the pre-populated address should you wish.

Creating New Canvass Locations should be discussed and a process agreed for when this is appropriate with your campaign management team.

Access Settings

Your settings present you with a number of options for managing your app and engagement with your campaign:


While your Ecanvasser Go app will sync intermittently in the background as you canvass, if you wish for some reason to complete  manual sync in order to ensure that your data is entirely up to date, you can do so from here.


If you are a part of multiple Ecanvasser campaigns, you can switch between them by navigating here.


These are Ecanvasser's way of managing multiple round of engagement. You might have one Effort for your Education Survey, and a separate on for your Healthcare Survey; or perhaps it's one for your Winter Survey, and another for your Spring - you may well only have one Effort available to you, but if you  do have a choice your campaign management team should make it clear to you which you are engaging with


Locations are individual canvass events that your campaign management team have created for you. Clicking into one of these will allow you begin canvassing in that area. You'll spend most of your time in Go within one Location or another!

If multiple Locations are available, your campaign management team should have communicated to you where you are to engage.


This link will return you to these very support pages, via your devices default internet browser.


Logs you out of the app - but you can always log back in again via your email or phone number!

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