Once you've selected a location, you'll be free to begin canvassing, and the manner in which you access different aspects of your app in based upon the pages along the bottom of your app.

It's from this screen that you will spend most of the time in your Ecanvasser Go app.


From here, you can select whether an attempted engagement was successful or not. Swipe left or right, or use the red and green icons to move forward.

You'll also see a count of how you're getting on since you started canvassing. This count will reset every day, or every time you switch Location.

Talking Points

These are generally short notes from your campaign management team. The team can use this in any way they like, but generally it contains things like:

  • Explanations of your campaigns policy positions
  • Specific language the campaign would like you to use
  • Instructions relating to your canvass (e.g. start at 9am, finish at 3pm)
  • More general information about your campaign

These can be assigned to differently to different teams, so don't panic if you find some of your colleagues have a slightly different focus, or rostering information!


This will display a log of the work that you've been up to today, at this particular location; as well as a count on the number of engagements, Issues, and Surveys you've collected. Like the count from the Home page, this will also reset each day, and whenever you switch Location.


From here, you can manage what you're currently working on as well as few other bits and pieces. 

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