Ecanvasser Go mobile app allows you to put Canvassers in the field quicker than any other canvassing app.


A Location is a canvassing event tied to a particular geographic spot.
Via the Ecanvasser Go app, your Canvassers will be able to select a Location from any active Effort, and begin recording voter interactions - it's that easy!


From the Locations tab of the Database page, select CREATE LOCATION to open the Location Dialog Box. You'll just need to provide a Name and Address for the Location and can position the location pin precisely on the map.


When choosing a Location Name, consider including key information, such as the date and activity.

Once a Location is created, it will become available to your full team via the Ecanvasser Go app.

NOTE : Lead Canvassers can create new Locations via the Ecanvasser Go app also.


On the Locations tab, you'll be able to quickly see the amount of engagements at that Location:

Data that is captured via the Ecanvasser Go app is synced back to your Ecanvasser dashboard, including:

  • The Analytics page for Surveys and aggregated data
  • New contacts will appear on the Contacts tab within the Database page

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