Ecanvasser Go allows you to put Canvassers in the field quicker than any other canvassing app. Here's how to get started.

A Location is a canvassing event tied to a particular geographic spot. Via the Ecanvasser Go app, your Canvassers will be able to select a Location from any active Effort, and begin recording voter interactions - it's that easy!

Create Location

From the Locations tab of the Voter Database, select Create followed by Location to open the Create Location Modal. You'll just need to provide a Name and Address for the Location (and can also position exactly on the map). When choosing a Name, consider including key information, such as the date and activity.

Once a Location is created, it will become available to your full team via the app. If necessary, Lead Canvassers and above can create new Locations while in the field also.


Back on the Locations tab, you'll be able to quickly see the amount of engagements at that Location:

Any other data that is available is reviewable in it's standard location within Ecanvasser. That is:

  • The Results page for Surveys and aggregated data
  • The Voter tab of the Voter Database Page will populate with any created in Ecanvasser Go
  • Canvass Filters on the Voter Database and Map page allow you to choose between the Ecanvasser Go or Walk
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