Custom Canvass Status 

Within the Customize page you will be given the option to Edit or Delete canvass statuses

You will be given 3 option when customising your canvass statuses. 

  1. Edit 

Editing enables you to change the name of an Status, allowing you create appropriate statuses for your particular needs. 

Edit also allows you to add a description of this status, the description will be visible within the App and will provide clarity to your canvassers when at the doorstep. 

   2. Migrate

Migrate allows you to move canvasses from one Status to another, as appropriate. 

We recommend, if canvassing has been ongoing, to always complete a migrate prior to deleting a Status. This will ensure that no canvass data is lost 

    3. Delete

You will be able to Delete any unnecessary canvass statuses, this can be done to clean up the canvass screen, or to remove a status that has become redundant during your canvassing efforts. 

As noted in the merge section, if canvass data has been collected, make sure to complete a status merge prior to deletion. 

    * Note: the "Answered" can only be edited, meaning the name can be changed, and a description added, however this status is compulsory and cannot be deleted.

If you have any questions you can contact us in app or at

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