Your Canvass Screen

Use the Customize page to choose which data points to push directly to your field teams Canvass Screen, create a Custom Field, manage your Feature Settings and Customize your Canvass Statuses.

Your Canvassers will have access to all individual data points for the particular voters they have access to. They can choose to Edit a Contact from within or without the canvass process to log or edit this information. But as generally your canvassers will be engaging with voters via the Canvass process, we provide you the ability to choose which particular data points populate on the Canvass Screen itself from the Customize page.

You can find the customize app page on the dashboard:

In order to have a particular data point show on the Canvass Screen, simply drag and drop it from the left hand column, to the Fields on Canvass Screen column on the right of the screen.

Once you've done so, you'll also see that each data point now has a ellipsis available, highlight in yellow above. You can customize the fields here, e.g required will show with an * next to the name in this case Volunteer.

You might want to consider that this can also be used to provide reference information to your canvassers as well as gathering information. Perhaps you want to provide your canvassers with insight as to how likely a person is to vote, or donate.

App Preview

The App Preview feature shows you exactly what your Canvassers will see while on the canvass trail. 

App Preview enables you to switch between both Android and iOS Apps, as well as viewing the App for all Permission Levels. This allows you to view any changes you make on the Customize Page

Custom Fields

Custom Fields are great for adding key data points on your contacts in your database.

Custom Fields are one of the most powerful aspects of Ecanvasser. Custom Fields are designed to give you flexibility and control in managing your contacts. Custom Fields have two primary purposes:

  • Importing an additional data point that Ecanvasser does not have a default field for, e.g. multiple political units, donation information, etc.
  • A field for you to record information about contacts that you wish to gather, e.g. lawn sign or event information

They operate by allowing you to add additional columns to your Database, customizing Ecanvasser to the specific needs of your campaign or outreach.

NationBuilder users can be confident of full integration with the Ecanvasser platform, with Custom Fields from your NationBuilder being input directly along with your initial import of voter information to our Voter Database.

Create a Custom Field

  1. Select Create

From here:

2. Fill in the Field Name
3. Select the type of data to be entered in the Custom Field.

  • Text
  • Number
  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Checklist (like Multiple Choice, but allows users to select multiple answers)
  • Start Rating

4. Click Save

If you select Multiple Choice or Checklist, further options will become to facilitate this:

  1. Type in one of your potential answers, and click Add. Any entered answer will populate below.
  2. To delete a potential answer, select the the parallel  icon.
  3.  Click Save

Custom Fields are Versatile!

Custom Fields are your way of making Ecanvasser meet individual, campaign specific needs:

  • Poll-striking
  • Are your Volunteers affiliated with a local organizational chapter or branch
  • Do your Volunteers prefer to only assist with certain duties
  • Keep a record of contacts requiring lawn signs
  • Notes, allowing your canvassers to create contact specific notes, that may not require the opening of an issue


If you wish to pre-populate any of your custom fields with generic information, this is required to be performed during the upload of your Contact File. Thereafter, Custom Fields may of course be created but they will not be pre-populated with information.

NationBuilder users should create both Custom Fields and Surveys within their NationBuilder account, which will then sync with their Ecanvasser account. Any updates that then occur in Ecanvasser will sync back with your NationBuilder. Syncs will not occur in NationBuilder, in the event that a Survey or Custom Field is created in Ecanvasser.

Manage Your Feature Settings 

Under Permission Settings, you can control access levels for a variety of functionality such as editing a person, deleting houses etc. Start with selecting the feature that you wish to change access. This will open the access control panel for that feature.

Unchecking a box will disable users with that role type their ability to engage in using that functionality. As such, if you wanted to disable a feature in it's entirety, uncheck the "Select All" box. Checking a box will enable that feature.
Click save when you are ready to save your changes.

Issue: Ecanvasser includes a CRM for constituency management. This functionality is best used for information from a contact requires a direct follow up, rather than for general notes.

Survey: Ecanvasser offers a lot of ways for gathering data. That said, if you decide Surveys aren't for you, you can disable these here, to help unclutter your Canvass Screen.

Add Contact: The permission feature allowing app users to create new occupants, for already existing households.

Reception: Ecanvasser's Reception allows your Canvasser to log your canvassers opinion of a contacts level of support or engagement on a 5 Star scale in a single click. You can decide if this is the method that works best for you!

Edit Contact: The permission feature allowing app users to edit any detail of a Voter, outside of the app Canvass Screen.

Delete Contact: The permission feature allowing app users to delete individual Voters, as they see relevant.

Add House: The permission feature allowing app users to create new Households while in the field.

Edit House: The permission feature allowing app users to edit the addresses of Houses.

Delete House: The permission feature allowing app users to delete Houses, and all their Voters, while in the field.

Anonymous Canvassing: Different campaigns have different opinions on the best way to log data, Ecanvasser allows you to decide how data is saved to either a contact or their house.

While this is turned on, users will have the ability to complete an Anonymous Canvass. As such, when they either Canvass, or log a different Canvass Status (e.g. Not Home), the data and status will apply to the individual occupants of the House, but the House itself.

As a result, information regarding these Canvasses will not apply when filtering via the Contact tab on the Database, but will when filtering from the Houses tab of the Database page (which also includes results tied to Contacts), as well as the Map page, which also provides results based upon Households and not Contacts.

Custom Canvass Status 

Within the Customize page you will be given the option to Edit or Delete canvass statuses

You will be given 3 option when customizing your canvass statuses. 

  1. Edit 

Editing enables you to change the name of an Status, allowing you create appropriate statuses for your particular needs. 

Edit also allows you to add a description of this status, the description will be visible within the App and will provide clarity to your canvassers when at the doorstep. 

   2. Migrate

Migrate allows you to move canvasses from one Status to another, as appropriate. 

We recommend, if canvassing has been ongoing, to always complete a merge prior to deleting a Status. This will ensure that no canvass data is lost 

    3. Delete

You will be able to Delete any unnecessary canvass statuses, this can be done to clean up the canvass screen, or to remove a status that has become redundant during your canvassing efforts. 

As noted in the merge section, if canvass data has been collected, make sure to complete a status merge prior to deletion. 

    * Note: the "Answered" can only be edited, meaning the name can be changed, and a description added, however this status is compulsory and cannot be deleted.

Taking Notes

You will have additional Note taking functionality when out using the App. 

When canvassing from the House Tab, will will be given the the ability to add a note to each individual. 

You will find the Note section at the bottom of the Canvass Screen. 

By clicking on the notes section you will see a new screen to enter your note:

This Note will then appear attached to this specific house and will be available for all Canvasser in the future. 

If you have any additional questions on your dashboard, please contact:

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