To Link your Ecanvasser Database to Mailchimp; 

  1. Go to the Integrations Page 
  2. Select Mailchimp 
  3. Click Install Mailchimp

You will then be presents with the Mailchimp login page, where you will enter your Mailchimp Username and Password.

From there select:

  1. Either All Voters or a particular List from your campaign from which people will be synced across to Mailchimp
  2. The Audience within Mailchimp that you want Voters to sync to
  3. If you have Consent Settings turned on, which particular Voters matching these you wish to sync across

When synced across, your records in Mailchimp will be tagged with relevant information such as:

  • Ecanvasser - to indicate they came from Ecanvasser
  • From what List in Ecanvasser they came from
  • Any particular Consent Setting they have indicated they are happy to be contacted for
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