Your step by step guide to configuring your integration

Step 1

Connect to Salesforce

a. In the Ecanvasser dashboard, navigate to the App Store page, and click on the Salesforce app

b. Next click the INSTALL SALESFORCE button

c. You will automatically be brought to the Salesforce login page, enter your Salesforce username and password to proceed:

d. Click ALLOW to grant Ecanvasser access to your Salesforce account:

Step 2

Configure your settings

a. Review and update your integration settings.
NOTE : We advise that you use Salesforce list views to segment the contacts that you need to import into Ecanvasser. Follow this guide to creating custom list views in Salesforce.

Step 3

Configure your Salesforce and Ecanvasser mappings

Review and update the field mappings of your Ecanvasser database to any field on your Salesforce Contact fields, including custom fields:

Step 4

Configure your Salesforce account

a. Navigate to your Salesforce account and go to the Setup page

b. Go to the "Objects and Field" and click "Object Manager"

c. Locate the a custom object called "Canvass" and click on the object

d. Next navigate to "Fields & Relationships" for the Canvass object

e. For each field that you need to see in the Canvass form, select that field label and:

f. Click on "Set Field-Level Security"

g. Click the checkbox for the Profile(s) that you need to grant permission to view that canvass field and click Save

Step 5

Canvass Layout

a. To control the display of fields within the Canvass view, go to "Page Layouts", and select "Canvass Layout". 

b. Under the "Canvass Layout" page, drag and drop any field that is of interest to you from the top to the "Canvass Detail" area.

Step 6

Canvass tab

a. To show the Canvass tab in the main navigation, back on the home page, click on the pencil located at the top right corner of the page. 

b. Now select "Add More Items"

c. And check "Canvasses" and click "Add 1 New Item"

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