Your step by step guide to configuring your integration with CallHub.

Connect to CallHub

a. Within the Ecanvasser dashboard, navigate to the App Store page, and click on the CallHub app

b. Next, click on the INSTALL CALLHUB button

c. You will be asked to enter your CallHub account details, including the primary email address connected to your CallHub account and API key

d. To locate the CallHub API key, sign in to your CallHub account, go to the settings page and click on the API Key tab:

e. Now copy the API key, and paste the key into your Ecanvasser/CallHub login in screen and click LOGIN

f. Congratulations! You have successfully completed your installation of your Ecanvasser and CallHub integration.

Syncing your contacts

There are a number of options available to you when synchronizing your Ecanvasser contacts to CallHub:

  • You may wish to select All Voters or a select particular List from your campaign from which people will be synced across to CallHub

  • You determine in Audience within CallHub that you want your Ecanvasser contacts to sync with

  • For customers with Consent Settings enabled, you can select the specific Ecanvasser contacts who have consented to be contacted for specific reasons

Click on the SAVE button to complete the synchronization of your contacts to CallHub

Once the contacts have synced across, your records in CallHub will be tagged with relevant information, including:

  • Ecanvasser - to indicate they came from Ecanvasser

  • The name of the List within Ecanvasser that the contact 

  • The specific Consent Option(s) that your contacts have "opted in" for

Make sure to map the status in CallHub with the canvass status in Ecanvasser. Otherwise the data from CallHub is not synced back to Ecanvasser.


Why are none of my Ecanvasser contacts appearing in my CallHub account?

Ensure that you have saved your CallHub integration settings as contacts will only be sent to your CallHub account once you have saved your settings.

Why are some of my Ecanvasser contacts not appearing in my CallHub phonebook?

Contacts with a valid Home Phone or Mobile Phone will be sent across to CallHub. Please note that CallHub Phonebooks contains unique phone numbers. Should you have two Ecanvasser contacts with the same phone number, only one of those contacts will be sent to CallHub

If you have any additional questions please contact

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