While physical door-to-door canvassing may be restricted at the moment, Ecanvasser has your back and can help you continue to engage voters through other just as effective means:

  • Call/Text your voters
  • Send them targeted direct mail
  • Engage over email and social

This can be done directly through Ecanvasser, and supported via our integrations.

Before we get to how, if you are based in the United States, reach out to us via the chat in the lower right hand corner if you want assistance sourcing a Voter File with phone/email contacts information for voters in your district.

Calling & Texting Contacts

Ecanvasser has two ways you can call your Voters.

Within the Ecanvasser Dashboard

In your Database's Voter tab, you'll see voters for who you have Home or Cell Phone numbers:

Click into one of these contacts and you'll now see the Phone/Text icons to call them direct from the dashboard:

When you first click one of these icons, you'll be prompted to select how you want to make the call/text. based on your browser/computer settings. Options available include:

  • Your Phone via the Windows 10 Phone App (learn more here)
  • Your Phone via FaceTime/Messages on Mac
  • Skype
  • Google Voice

Remember, the dashboard also works on mobile, so you could also do it from the dashboard via your phone's browser too if you prefer.

Within the Ecanvasser Walk App

  • Select the three dots to the far right of any house, followed by the i icon to access the House page:
  • Click on the Voter you wish to call:
  • Select either Call or SMS to be prompted as to how you'd like to do so via your own device:

Via CallHub Integration

Of course, we also have our CallHub integration, allowing you to push voters and their contact details across to CallHub, so that your calls can be placed there. Learn about setting up that integration from the Ecanvasser App Store here.

Managing Phonebanking via Ecanvasser

Organizing Phonebanking is straightforward, and should work the exact same way as you would your Canvass:

In particular, when customizing your app, we recommend re-titling your Status' to reflect the nature of the engagement more so towards phonebanking than door to door.
You may also want to consider, when segmenting and creating your Lists having Teams of only 1 person per team.

Direct Mail

An old fashioned letter is as powerful a way as any to engage your voters, and Ecanvasser can help you to send targeted mail to prime voters, with a message that will resonate with them.

We have dedicated resources available to help you with this:

Email & Social Engagment (and a whole lot more)

Ecanvasser currently has an integration with Mailchimp, allowing you to push contacts to Mailchimp. You can learn how to set up this integration in the Ecanvasser App Store here.

And Wow - do Mailchimp have some amount of functionality useful to you just now! You can create campaigns for:

  • Email Blast
  • Ads
  • Website
  • Landing pages
  • Surveys 
  • Social posts 
  • Sign up forms 
  • Postcards

The Ecanvasser integration allows you to get the most of Mailchimp for your campaign - push across Voters via Ecanvasser Lists to have them enter the exact right Mailchimp campaign.

There's so much going on here, we've done up a dedicated article right here.

What's the plan?

We don't need to overthink this - what was our original plan? Canvass Voters, re-canvass swing voters, mail out, and GOTV operation?

We can achieve this without the need for door to door with the above functionality.

Consider the following:

  • Social add to people in your district letting them know you're going to be in touch
  • Call those voters you were planning on canvassing
  • Text a day or so after to solidify that engagement
  • Direct Mail on a topic important to them a few weeks later
  • When polling day comes, Call & Text to make sure you GOTV!

Of course, if you have any questions, just let us know and we'll be happy to advise on best practice, and what the majority of campaigns are up to!

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